Customers that want to do more, not less business with you

Customers that want to do more, not less business with you

Value PropositionThere are so many valuable lessons to take from the past eight weeks. One thing that caught me was that some businesses not only survived but thrived because customers wanted to do more business with them, not less. The golden question: Why?

A lot of this comes down to mindset about what’s most important: the business or the customer. The majority of companies will always state the latter. The reality, however, is often the opposite: It’s a numbers game – every quarter again. There’s nothing wrong about making a profit. It’s about how we make that profit: By making a difference or by making short-cuts. That difference pays dividends when the going gets tough.

The complication resides the story we tell ourselves – that “we’re doing fine because we’re growing.” That’s complacency at work – and it’s dangerous. It might work when times are good. It might even work when times are bad – because customers are locked in. But is it worth all the stress and drain of energy? 

…What if we’d run a software business where customers wanted to do more business with us, not less?

…What if we’d help them make a meaningful difference to their customers and employees every single day?

…What if we’d grow trust (instead of breaking it) because we’re adding value, because we are dependable no matter what, and because we exceed their expectations again and again?

…Why settle for mediocre when standing out is an option that’s not costing more time and money? 

The world is being reset by what we are currently experiencing. We see things we didn’t see before. This has changed our norms about what we value and whatnot. This is an opportunity to reflect on what we can do differently and come out stronger as a consequence – The choice is ours. The same is true for our customers though – do they want to do more…or less business with you.

If this makes you think – here’s something that might help: More often than not, we are too close to the problem to see the opportunity to stand out. We often need a nudge in a different direction to come up with breakthrough ideas. That’s exactly why I started the Remarkable Effect Tribe. It’s designed for people like you, Tech-Entrepreneurs and Tech-leaders – who are on a journey to do something significant and meaningful too. If this sounds like something you’d value: You’re invited to apply