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Clear, brilliant, to the point.

– Ronni Zehavi, CEO HiBob

There’s always a takeaway from your daily emails. In fact, I have a whole folder of yours by topic. And when I’m going through something like ‘What do I do?’ I search them.

– Tina Zwolinski, CEO Skillsgapp

Your newsletter is one of the few I read and forward to other SaaS founders

We pivoted since the last time we talked, and will launch the first financial forecasting consumer app by the end of March. This time, I’ve applied everything you explained on positioning / pricing / targeting. I wish I was reading your newsletter before.

– Sam Abrika, CEO Nova Money

I love your emails. They’re amazing. It adds a lot of value.

– Sarah Hawley, CEO Growmotely

I value most the fact that you keep to the relevant topics for a B2B SaaS company with a mix of insights and pulling from the experiences of the community that you’ve built.

– Chris Dial, CEO Salutare

I just wanted to say how cool I believe the Daily Reflections are. I read them every time and get so much from them.

– Henny Hoekstra, Co-founder Pluvo

I value it because it allows me to concentrate on the conversation and it sums up the learnings.

– Emil Jimenez, CEO Mindbank AI

We’re trying to figure out the best way to go forward on our Startup journey. I’ve been following your channel for a very long time and find your posts very useful. Especially because it’s so B2B and SaaS oriented. There are just not many resources out there that are so specific to B2B SaaS.  Sadly, it’s rare.

– Caroline Johnová, Co-Founder & CEO of WAGMI

I do have to thank you for the inspirational emails. Lately, you’ve been hitting a lot of nails for us. THANK YOU!

– Pavol Magic, CEO Mobilyze

I’ve really enjoyed the daily reflections this year – they’ve been SUPER insightful and very thought-provoking for us.

– Helen McQuire, CEO DIversely

The Daily Reflections are worth my time to read – you capture some good stuff. I would not say that about all blogs that come across my inbox. So well done to you for standing out.

– Neil Bastick, CEO XLeap

These are relevant insights about things we must think about as tech entrepreneurs.

– Elena Agaragimova, Founder Bessern

This is the place to stop for a moment and get valuable inspiring insights.

– Ofer Tziperman, CEO Anagog

Love your emails! They tend to find me at the perfect time and every single one of them speaks to me.

– Lidia Vijga, CEO Decklinks

Easy to read, insightful, and gets the mind cogs turning for any SaaS CEO.

– Rami Darwish, CEO Arrow Labs

As a SaaS founder, I love Ton’s Daily Reflections. He shares stories, insights, and real examples of building a remarkable company. My favorite part is the “Question to reflect upon”.

– Shuhrat Ashurov, Co-founder and CCO at

Ton, your posts are always insightful, thank you!

– Mehak Aggarwal, Co-founder Sybill AI

Your emails are great!

– David Fridman, CEO Optaris

There’s always a great nugget in your Daily’s.

– Frank Wander, CEO PeopleProductive

I just want to write and thank you for these messages; they are succinct, pithy and generally make a powerful point that is a ‘blinding glimpse of the obvious’ in hindsight but counter-intuitive.

Really satisfying to read, many thanks!

– Hugo Spowers, Founder and CEO Riversimple

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