#215 – Dan Hubert, Founder and CEO AppyWay – on making the impossible possible

A story about leveraging technology to make parking forgettable

#215 – Dan Hubert, Founder and CEO AppyWay – on making the impossible possible A story about leveraging technology to make parking forgettable

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation enabling more electric, autonomous mobility to become a reality. That paves the way for automated compliance. Seamless transactions. And smarter, cleaner, more efficient cities. For everyone. My guest is Dan Hubert, Founder and CEO AppyWay

Dan Hubert

Dan initially founded AppyParking after experiencing first-hand the pain of parking caused by a fragmented and broken market when trying to park near the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. From this was born the AppyParking mobile app, but more questions quickly arose…

What if we could digitise parking spaces? And not just spaces – but all of the UK’s kerbs? What opportunities would that unlock? How could a digitised, dynamic kerb not only meet the ever-growing demands of urban transport today – but shape that of tomorrow?

From that lightbulb moment onwards, Dan was hooked. He became unashamedly kerb obsessed and founded AppyWay a startup that’s on a mission to lead the charge to help cities thrive, from the kerb up.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Dan to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the world of parking. Dan shares his vision of how to make the kerbside a value driver and turn it into a positive revenue engine that benefits all of us. He shares how incredibly hard it has been to create momentum, and what he’s done to create breakthroughs, momentum and secure defensible differentiation for his business. Last but not least he shares is advice on what it takes to create a SaaS business that the world will talk about (and keep talking about).

Here are some of his quotes:

I pitched it to all the parking departments of London. And they looked at me like I was a lunatic. Basically, their business is to manage parking enforcement and make money from parking sessions. And I was trying to convince them: here’s data to create better information to make sure people can get to the destination without a fine and reduce pollution.

And at that meeting, there was a guy from BT, who’s in charge of a big 40.000 fleet of which 8000 operating in London, and he had a £3.6 million parking problem in London, And he asked ‘Can I have your data into my system, please, because this will help my drivers.’ And I was like Ok, here’s the opportunity.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How meaningful value can be created if do the opposite of the norm and breaking the pattern
  2. That extremely valuable innovation ideas are often right in front of us – we just need to develop an eye to spot it.
  3. How to win governmental authorities to champion your idea and help realize it – even though they appear to be the biggest blocker at first sight
  4. That momentum sparks when we start telling stories and paint a visual picture of ‘what can be’

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