#249 - Devin Bramhall, Ex-CEO Animalz - on critical Pandemic & Downturn lessons

A story about setting your company up for success when it gets tough

This podcast interview focuses on what it takes to create a business that not only survives a crisis but actually grows stronger from it. My guest is Devin Bramhall, Ex-CEO of Animalz.

Devin BramhallDevin is the former CEO of Animalz, a leading content marketing agency for B2B Saas companies. 

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Storytelling is at the root of Devin’s passion for marketing. She founded The Master Slam, a poetry slam-style debate about startups and tech. She is also a TEDx organizer and speaker trainer and has competed in several storytelling competitions. 

In September 2022, she posted a vulnerable Linkedin post about stepping down as the CEO, thereby sharing her lessons learned not only to survive the company but actually growing it stronger during the pandemic and recent crisis.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Devin to my podcast. We explore the big lessons she learned taking over the CEO role at Animalz – and what it took to grow the business by 200% in two years of pandemic and economic crisis. She shares what appeared to be really important to keep and what not to keep – thereby reflecting on her misjudgments and traps she fell into without even realizing it.

Here’s one of her quotes

I learned this: it was more about consistency and reminding people of what the goal is that we’re trying to accomplish, and therefore establishing that focus that keeps people relaxed.

During this interview, you will learn five things:

  1. What’s your number one job as a CEO in a period of crisis 
  2. The importance of setting first principles and sticking to them
  3. How to avoid making fear-based decisions or becoming overconfident
  4. How to keep everyone focused and committed when times are tough
  5. What to do/avoid doing in marketing to make an impact

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