#223 - Ervin Draganovic, CEO of Layerise - on growing competitive advantage for your customers

A story about making an entire industry willing to step up their game

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to give consumer product manufacturers an edge in building customer relationships and growing continuous revenue streams. My guest is Ervin Draganovic, CEO and Co-founder of Layerise.

Ervin Draganovic

Ervin has a proven track record in product development, leadership, and corporate governance and has the capacity to attract, build and lead top-performing teams. He calls himself a digital-product-driven corporate opportunist.

In 2019 he co-founded Layerise, which he leads as its CEO. Layerise is on a mission to help companies make their products come alive.

Its vision is to create a world free from all the print and ink material used for consumer product and service onboarding. At its core, Layerise believes it can convert environmental positive impact into commercial growth for enterprises worldwide.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Ervin to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the customer experience process when it comes to physical consumer goods. Ervin explains how he’s found a way to transform a global industry and how he managed to turn a compliance requirement into a commercial engine. He also shares his tough lessons learned in taking the product to market and selling it to an audience that’s going to love it in 5-10 years’ time but is not aware it exists. 

Last but not least, he sets apart what he believes is required to create a SaaS business that’s worth making a remark about.

Here is one of his quotes

We were not able to look at the market and say, Okay, this is a kind of an evolutionary step. We really had to envision a future. And a good way of predicting the future is actually by creating it. So we were looking far out and saying, okay, in 10 years’ time, how is a modern hardware consumer goods manufacturer dealing with post-sales activities? Are they aware of who the customers are? Do they need to be in constant relationship with their customers? What are the factors of competitive advantage at that point for each brand? And then we looked at if those are actually to have the best customer experience, product, onboarding, customer relationship, what do we then need to do today? 

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  • What we need to do differently to create SaaS products that have a transformative impact, rather than just evolutionary
  • How to package your SaaS products to wake up the market and make people think, ‘holy moly – we definitely have to step up our game.’
  • That if you don’t do your product right, you end up spending all your budget on marketing.
  • What mindset to embrace to ensure a lifelong competitive advantage

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