Five habits that prevent your SaaS business from creating momentum

Five habits that prevent your SaaS business from creating momentum

I just had to write a post about this.

It drives me nuts how potentially great business software companies purposely limit their potential and don’t even realize it.

In the past 2 week’s I’ve spotted 5 ‘habits’ that kill momentum

  1. Pleasing all Ranks – Having to please everybody in the hierarchy to have their say
  2. Chasing the TAM – The belief that you need to go after the biggest Total Addressable Market. “cause if you’d just win 1%….”
  3. Consistently mistaking features for benefits.
  4. Shameless Self-love: Believing that you’re really ‘the leader’ – and that your customers care about that.
  5. Being obsessed with the competition (not your customer) – and let that drive your priorities.

What strikes me most is that so many companies have developed complacency for such behavior. They tell themselves a story they’re doing fantastic, and with that, find all kinds of arguments why their growth is what it is. Such a dangerous place to get stuck in….

Imagine you’d break with this complacency…..

Breaking this starts with the right person to stand up and challenge the status quo. That could very well be you.

So, what stops you? What do you believe could be a first step to change the course?


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