Focusing on the wants, not just the needs, boosts resilience

Focusing on the wants, not just the needs, boosts resilience

Value PropositionLet’s look at Airbnb – a company that operates in an industry that’s severely hit by the pandemic. 

But what everyone might think would happen didn’t. Airbnb came out stronger. It adjusted its course but is still very much the company we know and love (maybe even more now), and even announced its IPO recently. That speaks volumes of confidence. 

The essence of this resilience is behind their focus on the wants, not just its ideal customers’ needs.

As Brian Cesky, Airbnb’s CEO, recently said: “People will want options that are closer to home, safer, and more affordable. But people will also yearn for something that feels like it’s been taken away from them—human connection.”

The essence here is in the ‘wants.’ 

We continue to ‘want’ to experience, connect, and belong – possibly even more than ever.

That’s what drives us – and sparks the creativity in us. 

This is what Airbnb gets. This is what makes them resilient.

We want to stay in different places; we just don’t want to be in crowded hotel lobbies.

We want to travel – but who says we have to go abroad? So international travel has become travel closer to home.

We want to deliver our best work, but no one says we have to work from home – so Work-from-home became work-from-any-home on Airbnb.

We want to have great experiences with ‘the locals’, but no one says great local experiences are dead without traveling (abroad). So Airbnb’s local experiences became ‘local online experiences.’ 

What drives the resilience of the software business you own, run, or work for? Or do you know any other remarkable examples?