Forget the word ‘Demo’, replace it with ‘Proof of Value’

Forget the word ‘Demo’, replace it with ‘Proof of Value’

If you want to accelerate SaaS sales, doing “a demo” is not the answer.

“Can you give me a demo of your product?” they ask.

“Sure!” you instantly say

Proudly you take your MacBook out of your bag, open it, connect to Wifi, enter the URL and fire up your solution.

“OK,” you start, “let me login first – and here’s the opening screen of our solution. It’s very user-friendly, as you can see – menu on the left, a dashboard with all relevant information in the middle, and various ways to communicate with your colleagues at the top. It’s all customizable, by the way. So you can do this, and this… blah, blah, blah…”

And this is precisely where we create a massive problem: When they ask for a demo, we think we need to give them training.

With that, we miss the point entirely.

IF we have to provide training, that’s for after the contract has closed, not before.

Before the contract has closed, the only thing we need to focus on is to provide proof of value.

And this is about three simple things:

  1. Showcasing how you solve their biggest problem, not more, not less
  2. Exceeding their expectations in the way you do that
  3. Minimize the time you have to use the software

My recommendation: Forget the word ‘demo’ and replace it with ‘Proof of Value.’

  • It puts you in a different mindset
  • It helps you focus on the essence
  • It does the biggest favor to your prospect

Mastering a Proof of Value will help you claim pole position in the sales process, accelerate the sales process, and grow the odds of winning the deal without being forced to give a discount.

What’s your experience?