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Remarkable is more than just a word. It’s a vision. It’s the art to create meaningful impact to prospects and customers. Being remarkable is something that I believe every SaaS company can achieve. That’s why I wrote my book The Remarkable Effect. To help Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-mission like you shape the SaaS business your customers just keep talking about.



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The Remarkable Index is an online assessment designed to challenge every perspective you have on the software business you own, run, or work for. It will force you to take an outside-in perspective and help you understand where your business stands with regards to each of the 10 traits that define a remarkable software business.



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Successful SaaS companies create products that people constantly talk about. This is an online platform dedicated to B2B SaaS professionals that aspire to turn the business they own, run or work for to become one of those. Together we define what it means to be remarkable in business software



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A podcast dedicated to sharing experiences from B2B SaaS CEOs who are going above and beyond to deliver change that’s noticed. You will hear their secrets and learn what it requires to build a SaaS business the world starts talking about.

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