#230 - Gorish Aggarwal, CEO of Sybill - on providing Sales with a competitive advantage

A story about surfacing the aha! moments and buying intent of your prospects

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to empower GTM teams to understand their prospects and supercharge their processes. My guest is Gorish Aggarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Sybill.

gorish aggarwalGorish is a self-made tech entrepreneur obsessed with solving hard problems. Throughout his career, he worked as a senior software engineer in the healthcare research team of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). He’s an electrical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi and specializes in the field of ML and Signal Processing for neural and biomedical applications.

He loves working on projects which can address the real-world challenges of today and have the potential to create a meaningful impact in the lives of people. 

Today, he’s the Co-founder and CEO of Sybill. The big idea behind Sybill stems from his time lecturing at Stanford in the summer of 2020. Gorish firsthand faced the problem of gauging student engagement and sentiment in video calls. He decided to solve this problem for us and the world. Sybill is on a mission to introduce a new era in meeting intelligence, going beyond transcription and keyword searches and surfacing the aha! moments and buying intent of your prospects.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Gorish to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the way we leverage the value of video calls. Gorish shares his vision of how we can give Sales a competitive advantage by augmenting them with insights about the invisible behavior their customers showcase when meeting online. We dig into the big learnings and tough decisions that needed to be made in the development process and how that has panned out in stickiness and viral effects. Last but not least, he shares his advice on what it takes to build a software business that cannot be ignored.

Here’s one of his quotes

“If we can quantify and track these behaviors, humans can actually level up their conversation. If they can get signals about their audience’s mental state during the call, they can improve their presentation and their pitch to effectively take the audience from that point A to point B, which is the objective of most conversations.

For instance, if sales reps could understand that the prospect is disengaged during the most important section about the core offering, they could actually disqualify that prospect far earlier.”

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. Why niching down is essential to creating predictable traction
  2. That ‘cool’ is not often valuable – and how that hurts adoption
  3. How to go to market even faster – and gather critical information to gain an advantage.
  4. How adding one simple feature can become the ice-breaker in every conversation – and drive word of mouth.

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