🔆 Growing the strength of the flywheel inside your SaaS business 

🔆 Growing the strength of the flywheel inside your SaaS business 

We all agree that finding repeatability inside your SaaS business is essential to scale sustainably. 

But repeatability only matters if there’s enough pull from the market. And to be specific, I don’t mean creating pull only at the start of the funnel. 

Here’s the thing.

To scale effectively, we want to create pull across the entire customer lifecycle. But, once we accomplish that, it creates a flywheel for us, that’s hard to stop once in motion. 

The big question, however, is: How? So I reflected upon that, researched over 250 podcast interviews, and here’s what rose to the surface:

  • Create curiosity – Think about triggering their senses about what they aspire to become.
  • Create desire – Think about their secret wants, hopes, need for belonging, and status.
  • Create urgency – Why buy now? Think about scarcity principles and their risks of doing nothing. But avoid discounting.
  • Make it easy to commit. Think about irresistible guarantees and a way to keep your entry price accessible. Note this is not about discounting.
  • Make it easy to move. Think of making migrating a breeze or accelerating their ROI.
  • Ensure they stay. Realize that recurring revenue is driven by recurring customer impact
  • Get customers to talk about you – Think about what makes them proud – make it easy for them to share that.
  • Leverage ecosystem – Think about the pull and push mechanisms you can trigger within the ecosystem around you.

As Maarten Tobias, CEO of Dimenco, recently said in one of our CEO Masterminds:

“If you can share, you can multiply.”

Just think about that.


Question for you to reflect upon:

On a scale of 1-10: What’s the strength of the flywheel inside your SaaS business? What could be the first step to change that?


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