#280 - Guillaume Moubeche, CEO, Lempire - on nailing Bootstrapped Growth

A story about a SaaS entrepreneur who aspired to a salary and then grew a $150M business in 3.5 years.

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help B2B professionals build powerful relationships for their businesses. My guest is Guillaume Moubeche, Founder and CEO of Lempire.

Guillaume is a prototype of a tech entrepreneur on a mission. 

In the last 3.5 years, Guillaume Moubeche has founded 2 businesses. One that he grew to $600,000 ARR and sold. The other, Lempire, he is currently growing past $10M+ ARR and +20.000 customers worldwide – all without funding. 

The fact his business is now valued at more than $150,000,000 inspired him to write the book titled “The $150M Secret” – and with that, he follows one the core principles that got him where he is today: share knowledge with as many people as possible.

Lempire is a group of passionate and curious individuals who have a very healthy obsession with building the world’s finest products and helping entrepreneurs worldwide grow profitable and successful businesses.

Their mission: help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses by 2025.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Guillaume to my podcast. We explore his approach to building a successful SaaS business with a bootstrapped mindset. He shares how, in anything he does, community is a fundamental pillar of his approach. He talks about how, over time, he has mastered taking something that doesn’t exist off the ground. Last but not least, he elaborates on how he’s been able to successfully overcome some extreme throwbacks in his entrepreneurial life – such as his two co-founders leaving the business without notice – and how this has made him and the business stronger.

Here’s one of his quotes

It took us maybe two years to go from zero to 1 million in annual recurring revenue. But after two years, I realized in the community that people were struggling with their emails, ending up in spam. I was like, ‘I can automate that.’ And that’s when I launched Lemwarm, which was a new product to help people get the best email deliverability possible. 

It’s quite funny to see how things work. Because if you’re very close to your customers, and you’re listening carefully to what they’re saying and what is the real struggle, then it’s a lot easier to actually build a solution from it.


During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. The power of community – and how this helps build momentum across product, marketing, and sales.
  2. How he’s creating differentiated power over his competitors beyond his products.
  3. The secret behind Guillaums’ formula: Growth = Speed * Momentum
  4. Why he’s for perfect execution and not for perfect process – and how that helped him.


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