#292 - Guy Cohen, CEO Wonder - on curiosity and innovation.

A story about creating a better world by helping people to ask more, better questions.

In this podcast interview we explore the journey of building a B2B SaaS business around the bold mission of making the world a little more curious. My guest is Guy Cohen, CEO of Wonder. 

Guy CohenGuy is a tech entrepreneur on a big mission. He has worked for three companies in his career. From 2011 to 2013, they worked at Morgan Stanley in the RVR Group. From 2013 to 2015, they worked at Seeking Alpha as the Director of Business Development and Business Development. 

During that period he faced a number of repeating problems and started to look for solutions. The result: He and his co-founder started Wonder in 2015. 

Their mission: to make the world a little more curious.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Guy to my podcast. We explore the profound link between curiosity and business success. Guy shares the pitfalls of not asking the right questions and how that sparked the idea to founding Wonder. He shares why he chose the route of augmenting human potential and how the helped create defensible differentiation. He also elaborates on the challenges they faced getting traction and what he needed to change to accelerate momentum.  


Here’s one of his quotes

Every LLM and every AI right now is trained in the way that schools train us, which is to lead to a solution to lead to an answer. We took a very different approach. We’ve been answering professional questions for the better part of eight years, what we’ve learned is that the initial question you pose is seven degrees removed from the actual things you need to know. And the only way to get to the right set of questions is to ask more clarifying questions. So we built a clarification engine called Claire, short for clarity.


During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. Why most failures and how are related to money are a consequence of not being curious enough.
  2. How blending technology with a human element has helped them to deliver value no other company can. 
  3. Why, if he could rewind the clock and do something differently, he’d choose to narrow the aperture of who they are serving and why.
  4. How fear inhibits the asking of essential questions and hindering progress – and how to overcome that.


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