#312 - Harpreet Singh, Co-CEO Launchable - on avoiding Red-Ocean markets

A story about ignoring Silicon Valley and investors to build a SaaS business that lasts.

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to solve the non-trivial testing problems of some companies that we all blindly rely on. My guest is Harpreet Singh, Co-CEO of Launchable.

Harpreet is an entrepreneur, innovator, developer, creative product leader, andHarpreet Singh seasoned DevOps leader who has dedicated his life to building new solutions for software teams. He’s got extensive product marketing & Product management experience at Sun Microsystems.  Then helped CloudBees find product market fit and create a business based on OSS that scaled to multi-millions in ARR. Then moved to Atlassian where be became the GM for Atlassian Bitbucket, where he helped set the blueprint of what became the strategy at Atlassian to embrace DevOps tools in the market.

In September 2019 he co-founded Launchable and shares the CEO role.  

Their mission: Help dev teams launch fearlessly. Their point of view: 80% of software tests are pointless. We’ll help you see the 20% that matters most.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Harpreet to my podcast. We explore what’s broken around software testing these days. Harpreet provides his vision of how to address this. He elaborates on the journey of building an AI-powered software delivery platform and shares his most valuable go-to-market lessons – particularly why he didn’t opt for a product-led growth motion and how he avoided getting stuck in red oceans. Last but not least, he shares his advice to peer SaaS CEOs on scaling their businesses while staying true to their core mission.


Here’s one of his quotes

I spent a year and a half at Atlassian. They are the Gurus of product lead growth. So I got to see that close enough. And I came in and said we should probably do this. And I came to the realization that it’s not one size fits all. Different teams have different needs, and the kinds we are serving have very different needs, then this product led growth.


During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. His lessons on how to simplify customer communication so it resonates optimally. 
  2. His advise on how to go beyond the obvious and find the biggest possible problem to solve for your ideal customers.
  3. How to choose your Go-to-Market model and what specifics to look for 
  4. How he landed BMW as one of his early customers and what that taught him.


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