#225 - Harry Brundage, CEO at Gadget - on building better software faster

Taming the typical Developer itch of "There's got to be a better way"

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help business app developers make the impossible possible. My guest is Harry Brundage, Co-founder, and CEO at Gadget

Harry BrundageHarry is a hard-core developer turned into a tech entrepreneur. He worked at Shopify in numerous capacities, building and scaling Shopify’s backend infrastructure, frontend technology stack, big data platform, and engineering organization. 

Since leaving Shopify, Harry has built many other systems — a note-taking tool, an automated vertical farm, a QA tool — allowing him to gain first-hand experience with how repetitive software development can be. The made him ask the question: Why does it need to be this hard!

Today, Harry is the co-founder and CEO of Gadget, the serverless stack for eCommerce app developers. Harry and his team are on a mission to enable developers to build ambitious software ridiculously fast.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Harry to my podcast. We explore what’s broken when it comes to the speed by which we can develop business applications. Harry shares his vision about making the impossible possible for developers – and how this backs up his dream to be a company builder at the end of the day. He shares his hard lessons learned about what it took to build something that makes even the most critical developers advocates. 

Here’s one of his quotes

“Have you ever heard the Marc Andreessen quote: Software is eating the world? We would say: It’s not done yet. It’s a very big meal, the world. And there are just a lot of unautomated business processes, and people sitting in cubicles copying and pasting data between different systems. We just believe that there’s a huge number of problems that have yet to be solved with software, and we’re excited about enabling those builders to do that.”

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How you can create a lot of interest and differentiation by creating a solution that’s about uninteresting and undifferentiated stuff 
  2. That one way to create momentum is to help users create things they wouldn’t be able to otherwise
  3. That creating a remarkable SaaS product is not about everything the product does – but how it makes your users feel using it
  4. The lessons he learned (and the tough decision he needed to make) in speeding up traction and adoption

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