#24 - Product innovation: How AI helps transform Healthcare and drive societal prosperity to new heights

An interview about with Christian Guttmann, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at Tieto

My guest on the podcast is Christian Guttmann, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, and Chief AI Scientist at Tieto. He’s responsible for product strategy and execution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to create high-impact AI systems, product innovation, patents and scientific publications.product innovation

Christian has progressed Artificial Intelligence for over 25 years and is contributing to its evolution from both a business as well as an academic perspective. He has led innovation teams at BT, IBM, HP, successful startups and top-ranked universities. His drive is to advance AI technology, science and business to new heights for societal prosperity in teams of bright and passionate minds.

This triggered me, hence I invited Christian to be a guest on my podcast.

During our interview, we explore the ways technologies such as AI and Machine learning can have an exponential impact on our healthcare system – how it not only helps with reduction of cost but more importantly, how it can help to remove frustrating bottlenecks and increase the quality of life for many more people. Here are some of Christian’s quotes:

I was very fascinated with building something that has an intelligent capacity, something that has the cognitive ability to understand the world around us.

I’ve also been doing research in this area, looking at predicting and preempting certain events that may happen with patients that have several comorbidities, for example, that have chronic conditions.

The big deal, really, the bottom line is it saves lives. It augments the healthcare system. It helps doctors as well as patients and, in fact, also the executives of, let’s say, clinics and hospitals in ways to understand data and the patient journey in a very different way.

It’s also clear that you have a clear benefit to patients and you have the reduction of costs, for example, in hospitals, or you reduce queuing lines and so on for elective surgeries and so on.

I love this combination. I think that it’s increased evidence, also, that you have these combined teams of an AI and a doctor, for example. You just gain a lot.

By listening to this podcast, you will learn three things:

  1. What to do different around product innovation these days to ensure the best possible outcome of your solution
  2. Why technologies such as AI and Machine learning require us to give a broader consideration to our solution – think for example about the societal issues it can create
  3. And how solving big problems with AI is not always a matter of focusing on data, but often one of figuring out the framework.


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