#17 - How AI Is transforming the way people write and Research

An interview with Tomas Ratia, Co-founder and CEO of Frase

My guest on the podcast this week is Tomas Ratia Garcia Oliveros, Co-founder, and CEO of Frase, a Boston based AI startup with a big mission: to help you research faster.

Tomas did his master at Harvard and became very interested in publishing and research. As an outcome of the Harvard Innovation Lab, he founded Folio, a digital publishing platform for open-access academic journals which he ran for 2 years. After that, he founded Dat Ventures, a Soft-landing accelerator program for international startups aiming to break into the US.

His passion for research and technology drove him to establish another startup around the big idea to transform the way people write and research. This was the start of Frase.

The story behind Frase intrigued me, as this is could fundamentally change the way marketers from all around the world approach their digital content strategy. Hence, I invited him to my podcast.

During our interview, we explore the big idea behind Frase, but more importantly what is required to deliver remarkable impact and arrive at a product that has the potential to transform an industry. Here are some of his quotes:


“…me and my partner were wondering, how will AI change the way people write and research?

 an AI agent that can understand the writer and try to build on the knowledge of the continues understanding of someone writing and use that knowledge to do research and help the writer augment their research capacity.

That whole process of having to sort through results, click on all the results, then go through all the steps and go back to the word processor. That’s what I consider to be one of the most inefficient processes on the Internet.

the main problems we try to solve, which is cutting down the research process so that people can focus on the creative and start the excite of writing.

Some of these people don’t even use Google anymore.

The idea of having a research for writing in one place seems to be very valuable for the type of user who is actually making a living out of producing unique content which is a big market.”

By listening to this interview you will learn three things:

  1. In order to deliver products with remarkable impact, what do you prioritize?
  2. What are some of the biggest challenges to anticipate,
  3. and why engaging with the market prior to launching is key to success.



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