How technology can help us to find our voice, and tell stories that drive growth

An interview with Adam Benzecrit, Co-founder at inflo.Ai

How technology can help us to find our voice, and tell stories that drive growth An interview with Adam Benzecrit, Co-founder at inflo.Ai

Product InnovationThis podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to drive growth without having to rely on expensive ad campaigns. My guest is Adam Benzecrit, Co-founder at inflo.Ai.

Adam has worked in a number of startups and high growth companies for nearly a decade. In 2013 he co-founded  inflo.Ai, a London-based technology company that’s on a mission to help overstretched in-house marketing teams, business owners and SMEs to find their voice and grow online.

When they saw thousands of companies simply didn’t have the resources to create highly effective blog content and therefore had rely on expensive paid ad campaigns and SEO agency retainers, they had to step in and solve it.

How? By helping their clients tell great stories with the power of artificial intelligence and making content creation and blogging simple, fast and affordable on at the same time.

This inspired me, and hence I invited Adam to my podcast. We explore why producing great content is so tough and why so many businesses continue to underutilize their expertise to drive engagement. We also address what’s required to stand out in your market and become the go-to-player. Last but not least we dig into the things to do as leaders to create a software business customers keep talking about.

Here are some of his quotes:

Our journey started with the creation in 2015, around a sports news app. When we got off the ground, we started to get thousands of users, and then ran into an accelerator, which introduced us to lots of different companies. And they introduced us to brands, a lot of bookmakers.

What we were trying to do then, the start of our journey, was we were trying to influence bookmakers to advertise on our product.

We learned and realize there was an opportunity much bigger than that. They were more interested in how we got content in our own app, and wanted to do that for themselves to drive digital engagement to their products and services.  T

that was the big lightbulb moment for us is forget the b2c route.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How to carve out your own category and find a playing field where you are can become the go-to player.
  2. Why it’s so important to reflect and dig deep on the business you are really in. Only that understanding makes saying ‘no’ easier and give you the resourcefulness to remain making a difference
  3. What strategies to put in place to continue to have the cashflow runway to execute and deliver upon the mission.
  4. Why you should treat your client like a partner, and a partner like your client.


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