How to create content that persuades subconsciously

An interview with Jonathan T. Mall, CEO of Neuro Flash

How to create content that persuades subconsciously An interview with Jonathan T. Mall, CEO of Neuro Flash

Product InnovationThis podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help any marketer hit the right nerve with their ideal customers by making every word resonate. My guest is Jonathan T. Mall, CEO of Neuro Flash


After his studies in the Netherlands and the UK he was seduced by the opportunity to optimize consumer experience using machine learning and led the Science team in a IBM Big Data Venture.

He got obsessed with understanding how people think. Because the better we understand how and what people think, the better we can understand ourselves and communicate effectively with others.

This was the spark to make him found Neuro Flash, a marketing intelligence institute, using Big Data and Neuromarketing to understand, predict and influence how people react to persuasive content.

And this inspired me, hence I invited Jonathan to my podcast. We explore the big problem in the market to make meaningful connections with those we aim to serve. We also discuss how technology can be used to not only create short-term impact, but more importantly help companies build the foundation for the long-run.  Last but not least we discuss what it takes to be remarkable at what you do as a business software company.

Here are some of his quotes:

We use machines to predict what people think about words, sentences or images. And well, with that, with that power, you can obviously communicate extremely effectively because we can ensure that every word, every sentence, every image is expressing exactly what you want to express to sell your product, to motivate yourself, to tell you stories for anything regarding marketing.

So, we don’t need to ask people anymore about what they think.

We can all use the machines to predict what people think.

That’s really the opportunity.

During this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. What value we can unlock when we focus on technology to democratize highly scarce experts – enabling any companies of any size to compete with the biggest brands out there.
  2. That being successful in marketing is not about how many people you reach, but how many people you make believe
  3. Why it’s important to have the courage to not do things

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