“How to go about demoing to a larger group – and increase your odds of winning?”

“How to go about demoing to a larger group – and increase your odds of winning?”

It’s the exact question I recently received from a sales exec in one of the sales transformation workstreams that I run with B2B Saas Scaleups.

It’s a question I recognize a lot from my history at Unit4. The larger your prospects’ organization, the bigger the challenge gets.

But let’s address it. Just imagine – You’ve made it through several pre-selection rounds, and now is the moment for the final demo. You’re entering the room with a group of 5 people – the steering committee. They’re well prepared; they each have their own agenda and insist on exploring different parts of your system in detail. 

  • How do you do that without losing them? 
  • How do you secure the quality of your demo won’t suffer?
  • How do you ensure you make every minute count – for all of them?

The secret hides in your ability to do two things well: 

1) Understand what keeps them up at night individually. 

This starts by creating a long list of all the unique pain points each individual faces in their day-to-day responsibilities. 

Secondly, bring this down to the essence for each person and identify (ideally together with them) the most valuable and critical problem to solve within this list. 

2) Connect the dots on how they measure progress as a group.

Here’s the thing. You can divide your 60 minutes into five chunks of 12 minutes with the risk you please only one, but put the other four steering members to sleep.

Or you aim to connect the dots, i.e., how solving the most valuable problem of one person influences the impact others can make. Even better: how solving several problems together creates a result bigger than the sum of the components. This will make the story more attractive to everyone – it brings the whole vision they’re buying into alive.

So, the trick is to focus on the impact you’ll be able to create for the entire business. That’s in the interest of the whole group. Keep in mind you’re not selling a solution to 5 individuals – you’re selling a solution to solve the larger challenge of the entire business they represent together.