Imagine you’d stand out in every step of the SaaS sales process?

The pandamic is still reshaping business priorities for all of us

This not only has an effect on us – it also drives our customers in new directions. With that our position of advantage can easily evaporate without even noticing.

Our message...

...doesn't hit the right nerve anymore...

Our deals....

...get stuck in situations we used to win...

Our demos....

...don’t spark the same aha! moments anymore like they used to...

Try something different

I’ve seen these challenges even far before Covid hit us – and have felt the frustrations, the delays, the stress, the unpleasant QBRs ….

So, I worked with many software businesses like yours to crack the code. This translated into 3 sprints to solve each challenge in a fun and competitive way.

The outcome: Shorten sales cycles, increase win-rates and grow deal values

Become hyper relevant

Get sniper focused in your segmentation/ positioning in just 5 days

Next up: May 10-14

Claiming pole position

Craft & deliver a remarkable sales pitch in just 5 days

Next up: June 14-18

Deliver demos that convert

Craft & deliver your best story with your demo in just 5 days

Next up: Aug 18-22

What some of your peers said

George Hannah - UK & Northern Europe Sales Manager - Ericom Software

This enabled us to grow our average opportunity size 500% i.e. from €20k to €100k within just one quarter. We win more, bring stale deals back alive and suddenly play in a different league.

Ben Gordon – Account Executive Large Enterprise – Workday

Ton is what customer centricity is all about. His pitch battles were both fun and challenging - but you were guaranteed to walk away with a first-class client presentation, focused on the client and one that separates you, your company and your solution from the crowd.

Christopher Brewer - Global Lead, Not-for-Profit at Unit4

Ton has taught me a way of thinking about the materials that I am presenting in a way that for me, has changed my career.

3 simple steps to start a transformation

Decide on your focus

Decide where your biggest challenge lies – Targeting,
Changing perception, Proof of Value?

Decide who owns it

Decide who in your team can take the lead in this sprint

Free them up

Free them up for 1 hour a day – 5 days in a row