“It feels like we’re selling with wind force 9 headwind”

“It feels like we’re selling with wind force 9 headwind”

“This is what it feels like in the market we’re operating,” one of my clients recently shared with me.

I loved the metaphor – So visceral – and so real.

The SaaS product her company is selling is introducing a transformation in the manufacturing industry.
It’s shifting the powers from top-down to bottom-up, thereby eliminating some of the big constraints that have held these companies back for years.

And that’s precisely where the source of the friction lies.
There are two camps: Companies that love to control the shop-floor. And Companies that believe in the power of empowering the shop-floor.

Functionality-wise they want the same.
That’s not what the friction is about.

The friction is in the deeply engrained belief system of the prospect.
And that’s where a force nine headwind quickly builds up.
Your customer gets defensive – and every response they give is about ‘yes, but…..’

It’s a challenge I see all the time.
We’ve fallen in love with our solution and can’t believe customers don’t see its magic and beauty.
“How’s that possible?” we scream. “The customer is right in our sweet spot – they have the same size and are in the same vertical and region.”

That’s precisely where the problem hides. Again, the demographics are crystal clear. But that’s not where it stings.

In B2B Software sales, we’re dealing with people – and here’s where psychographics rule – i.e., the things we care about, the things we aspire, the things that frustrate us, and the things we fear.

Understanding this profoundly is your foundation to turn a wind force nine headwind into a wind force nine tailwind.
When we develop an eye for what separates our ideal customers from those who are better off with the competition, we can eliminate the dreaded ‘yes, but…’ conversations and focus our scarce time in full on the ‘yes, and…’ conversations.

Suddenly we start to feel the energy building in the sales process that shortens the sales cycle
There’s that ‘click’ – it feels like every point we make is the right one.

And this is what accelerates the sales cycle.
Here’s where we turn an era of losing 8 out of 10 deals into one where we win 8 out of 10.
Because there’s crystal clarity on who we’re for and who we’re not for, we can start to position our SaaS business with laser-sharp precision.
We’ll start to attract precisely those customers that will say, “Exactly! This is what we need”—those who are happy to pay a premium for it.

This all starts once you have a solid value foundation in place.

So question to you: What does your sales process feel like? Brutal headwind?