It’s fascinating what happens when like-minded people start working together.

It’s fascinating what happens when like-minded people start working together.

Value PropositionI’ve been running my business for three years, and looking back, I can only conclude I’ve grown in so many ways. There’s one thing, however, that has become evident to me: You can’t please everyone. And that realization has brought me so much.

I’ve always known it, but somehow knowing it and applying it are two different worlds. The aha! moment came as I immersed myself in Seth Godin’s ‘The Marketing Seminar.’

After some deep reflection, I grouped people that I’ve worked with throughout my career. It was this simple yet powerful question that did it for me: ‘Which group enables you to deliver your best work and gives you the most energy?’ An instant ‘This one!’ was the simple answer.

The second question: “How would you name this group” was an easy one: Tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission.

Like Simon Sinek wisely said: “The goal is not do to business with everybody that needs what you have – the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

And this is exactly what I experience with the tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission that I work with. This magic of the ‘instant click’ results in more trust and more energy on both sides. That makes a hell of a difference – again for both parties. It makes delivering value so much easier and motivates me to do my best work even better.

The tech-entrepreneur-on-a-mission tribe is an excellent example of this. Bringing like-minded people together lifts the whole experience.

What I see in those tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission are people that are driven by passion and perseverance. They’re super committed to solving a significant and highly valuable problem. They’re in there for the long-term and measure their success by their impact on their customers. This makes them proud. They believe if they succeed with that, the value will come their way.

They are relentless in delivering this impact they aspire for, have a ‘can-do’ attitude, challenge the status quo, and execute – realizing that there are no shortcuts to deliver something remarkable. They are change-makers that create a business their customers would miss if it were gone.