#258 - James Malley, CEO Paccurate - on shaking up the packaging market

A story about creating a compelling mission - and delivering it with focus

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help companies achieve both cost-efficient AND environmentally sustainable packing. My guest is James Malley, Co-founder and CEO of Paccurate.

James MalleyJames is a tech entrepreneur on a mission. He went to theater school and worked as a bellboy before he fell in love with tech. Working in the logistics tech space since 2009, he has helped create a variety of enterprise shipping technology. He spearheaded the design of an award-winning multi-carrier TMS.

In 2018 he co-founded Paccurate, which he leads as the CEO. Their mission: To make shipping more sustainable for your business and the planet.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited James to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the way logistics companies approach packaging. James shares his vision of how to take cost-efficiency in packaging to a totally new level while at the same time making a significant global impact on the environment. He shares his big learning on getting traction in the market and what changes have been fundamental in that process. Lastly, he shares his advice on what to do / not to do to create a SaaS business that lasts.

Here’s one of his quotes

Our kind of biggest innovation or differentiator is that we look at the problem differently than all the others did. We’re looking at optimizing for cost, whereas the other solutions were just looking to make things smaller. Which is a nice stand-in for the lowest cost, but it’s not perfect. 

And so, being able to make a packing decision based on the incentives that are baked into your negotiated rate table, your labor costs or your material costs – that is really about going down the rabbit hole on this problem.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How to succeed in a market where everyone advises you ‘stay out.’
  2. What you can do to accelerate the sales process in a market that is known for extreme long sales cycles
  3. What to do differently when promising a $10 million dollar savings doesn’t get you the deal, or not even a meeting.
  4. How being a micro pessimist and a macro optimist is all you need to move the needle

For more information about the guest from this week:

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