#310 - JB Daguené, CEO Evergrowth - on the future of account-based sales

A story about how AI can be used to expand your differentiation.

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to use AI in a way that makes salespeople more human again. My guest is JB Daguené, Founder and CEO of Evergrowth.

JB DagueneJB is a tech entrepreneur on a mission. He’s had an impressive career in B2B SaaS Sales and has advised multiple tech companies for well over a decade. 

He’s addicted to endurance sports and has finished multiple marathons, ultra-running, ultra-cycling, and IRONMAN races. He also knows what it is to stand out from the crowd. His LinkedIn profile is testimony to that: He eats SaaS for breakfast, B2B Sales for lunch, and AI+Data for dinner. And he likes his food spicy!

In that spirit, he founded Evergrowth in December 2015. It started as a consulting business and turned into a B2B SaaS business, pioneering the Future of Account-Based Sales.

Their mission: To elevate the sales profession by empowering businesses with AI-driven strategies that are as human as they are smart.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited JB to my podcast. We explore how the B2B sales process is deteriorating and what needs to be done to fix it. We explore the big lessons learned from turning a consulting into a SaaS business. JB shares how his first principles as a consultancy helped them create defensible differentiation – and use AI to further expand that. He also explains how he’s positioning his business to attract the right deals – and why everything in his business is designed around one customer success template.


Here’s one of his quotes

Salespeople never had a good reputation. And I think it didn’t get better because of the noise that was created by all the tools-driven approaches. So they need to acknowledge this and understand that in order now to have meaningful conversations and create meaningful pipelines, they need to understand how to speak their customer’s language better than their competitors and better than their customers themselves. I’m super biased on having that opinion, but that’s really the only way to win in 2024.


During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How JB managed to create defensible differentiation – and how he’s using AI to grow it.
  2. How to avoid your SaaS business ends up in the graveyard of the market.
  3. How to turn engineering, marketing, sales, business operations, and customer success into an unbeatable engine for your business.
  4. How endurance training helps you become a high-performing leader that doesn’t break down.


For more information about the guest from this week:


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