#315 - JJ (Projjal) Ghatak, CEO of OnLoop - on challenging the status quo.

A story about using technology differently to increase our performance, instead of our engagement.

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to outcompete everyone in the category. My guest is JJ (Projjal) Ghatak, Co-founder & CEO of OnLoop.

JJ (Projjal) Ghatak - OnLoopJJ (Projjal) is a tech entrepreneur on a mission. He held business leadership roles across technology (Uber), management consulting (Accenture Strategy) and corporate development (Essar Capital). Besides that, he’s a proud naturalized Singaporean, SMU Scholar, Stanford MBA, and awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2022.

In 2020, JJ founded OnLoop in an attempt to solve a problem he’d experienced throughout his career: How hard it is for managers to turn high potential individuals into high performing teams. 

Their mission: Convert every manager in the world into a great manager. 

And this inspired me, and hence I invited JJ to my podcast. We explore the broken world of employee & team performance. JJ shares his journey of solving this problem by driving everyday habits and feedback rather than mere documentation. He shares his biggest lessons on creating product market fit, demand generation, and how to strategically prioritize your focus as a CEO as your company evolves. Lastly, he elaborates on his approach to challenge the status quo and outcompete established players. 


Here’s one of his quotes

Most enterprise software is built as a System of Record. So if you look at employee engagement software, what it is, is a quarterly survey, which is then creating dashboards and data. And so it’s a System of Record, not a System of Action. 

What you need to drive behavior is a System of Action. So if you think about it from another analogy, people understand is, you don’t get fit by doing an annual health checkup every three months. You get fit by going to the gym. And actually 10,000 steps is the best thing that happened to fitness because it made it very easy to drive a system of action. And we think about team health and team performance in the exact same way


During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. The framework JJ is using to help him ensure he’s focused on the most impactful priority on his list – every day.
  2. That founders should focus on creating value, and salespeople on capturing value. And why it will hurt you if you mix this up.
  3. His perspective on identifying their ideal customer segment to capture value and scale revenue in a predictable, repeatable way.
  4. His first principles when it comes to building remarkable products.


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