#290 - Joe Lewin, CEO Foundy - on enabling life-changing moments in SaaS

A story about building a trusted place to grow, buy, and sell SaaS businesses.

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to buy and sell SaaS businesses in less than 30 days. My guest is Joe Lewin, CEO Foundy. 

Joe LewinJoe Lewin is a two-time SaaS founder who successfully sold his first business in 2022. Since selling his company, his vocation has been to modernize the antiquated M&A process for other tech founders. 

The demand for a modernized exit process has been accelerated by the turbulence in the tech sector and the broader economy, especially now that it’s become harder to raise funding. However, founders face a bottleneck issue because most investment banks and advisory firms primarily focus on serving the most prominent companies (i.e. £15m + in revenue). Foundry is focusing on the bottom 90% of companies.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Joe to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the SaaS M&A market. Joe shares his vision and the change he’s committed to creating. He talks about the fundamental decisions he made and the mindset he follows to create a business that lasts. He elaborates on his learnings on how they created early momentum – and how that’s now accelerated through word of mouth. Last but not least he shares what he learned from the mistakes he made in hiring.

Here’s one of his quotes

I’ve met hundreds and hundreds of founders now, even those that may raise double-digit VC funding, and a lot of them really do not have the knowledge or insight on how to maximize their valuation upon an exit. And they haven’t laid the foundations to build that deep-rooted value

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. Why community-led growth is underrated – especially as a way to get people committed and create viral benefits.
  2. The viability of your SaaS business isn’t what you say yes to, but who you say no to.
  3. The sticky part of your SaaS business doesn’t necessarily have to be the product you create.
  4. The value your customers love you for isn’t often coming from the software but from the life-changing moments.


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