#201 – Jonas Vossler, CEO of Flow Lab on segmentation, resilience and the art of communication

“If I want to be remarkable, I have to be a pioneer.”

#201 – Jonas Vossler, CEO of Flow Lab on segmentation, resilience and the art of communication “If I want to be remarkable, I have to be a pioneer.”

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help ambitious people become more focused and productive. My guest is Jonas Vossler, Founder, and CEO of Flow Lab.

Jonas Vossler

Jonas is fascinated by everything that happens at the intersection of new technologies, business, and society. He’s convinced that in today’s world, innovation is the primary driver for economic growth and for change in our society. It is due to the progress induced by a variety of innovations and inventions, especially in health and technology, that the population of Western industrialized countries enjoys a high standard of living. 

Still, we all experience a variety of mental distractions and emotional distress in our workdays that prevent us from finding the motivation, focus, and energy to perform at our best and use our time productively.

And that’s exactly the problem Jonas wants to solve – and hence he founded Flow Lab, a company that’s on a mission to help people find more flow in their lives. 

And that inspired me – and hence I invited Jonas to my podcast. We explore why with all the technology around it’s still so hard to be productive and deliver peak performance in our work. We also discuss the journey Jonas has been on to solve this massive problem. He shares examples about the strategic decisions he had to take, the challenges he’s faced in gaining traction in the market, funding his business, and what was required to be ready for that in the first place. Lastly, we discuss his big lessons learned to create a software business that’s resilient and what it takes to build something that people just keep talking about.

Here are some of his quotes:

The tools we provide they’re going to help people be their own mental coach, so to speak, to develop self-leadership capabilities that take me through the day in a way that I feel for myself as positive and productive. And what that can mean is: the ability to focus when I need to ability not to focus when I don’t want to. The ability to recover. The ability to be emotionally balanced. The ability to motivate myself. There are so many micro-decisions that can be decisive throughout a given day, for me to make this a productive day.

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. What being crystal clear about segmentation actually means and why focusing just on demographics is not enough
  2. Why having a compelling vision and realistic optimism are key ingredients to build resilience in your SaaS business
  3. That, in order to become a remarkable software business you have to invest in soft skills in communication – especially when emotion get involved.
  4. That the pressure to get the funding is nothing compared to the pressure that’s is building once you get the funding

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