#297 - Jonny White, CEO Ticket Tailor - Making Growth on Purpose work.

A story about creating cycles of positivity to create a flywheel for growth.

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to make the biggest possible impact as a business in the most positive way. My guest is Jonny White, CEO of Ticket Tailor.

Jonny WhiteJonny White started his career as a software engineer, building websites for clients. On his journey, he spotted a gap in the market for ticketing systems. That became the founding idea behind Ticket Tailor, which he founded in 2011. It started a wild entrepreneurial ride. He achieved product market fit and decided to sell his company after about 2 years. This made him an employee for the first time ever – but only for a short time, since he bought his company back only a few years later. 

The next period, he ran it as a lifetime business to then realize its unique growth potential. The rest is history.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Jonny to my podcast. We explore the valuable insights Jonny learned from transitioning from a bespoke to a subscription model. He elaborates on the three things that make his company sustainable: the importance of simplicity, creating cycles of positivity, and tightly integrating social and business impact. Last but not least, he talks about how he remained resilient during the COVID turbulence and managed to come out as a stronger company.

Here’s one of his quotes:

Keeping things simple is a very hard thing to do. But if you can do it, you can move mountains. Keeping things simple often gets confused with ignoring complexity. It’s about unpacking that complexity and really understanding it as core. And then we’re like, which is the one that’s going to be simple, not in terms of this decision, but what’s the one that makes it simple in terms of the long term for us, so that we’re not compensating for that in the future?

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How to sell your SaaS business and then buy it back only a few years later, coming out stronger.
  2. The methodology he used to gain the confidence to make some fundamental decisions for his business
  3. How he doubled down on purpose helped double the business, grow NPS and eNPS scores to benchmark levels, stay very lean, and maintain a healthy profit.
  4. Why obsessing over revenue and financials is not the leading thing if you want to build a business with staying power.


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