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Keynotes about rethinking the future of people at work

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Imagine a world that’s safe.., sustainable.., free of poverty, with growth opportunities for everyone…

Successful organizations are typically led by a strong purpose – be it safety, poverty, employability, sustainability, or growth.
It’s their people that stand between failure and success, not their products.

I believe these same people are not served well by technology and deserve better software to work smarter in order to deliver remarkable impact. At the end of the day, it’s human creativity, empathy, and innovation that takes the world forward.

It’s this thinking that inspires my keynotes.

Below you can find a couple of examples of keynotes that could set the scene for your next event.

Inspire crowds - keynotes about reimagining the future of people at work

This keynote will inspire your crowd by taking them on a journey that reviews the technology advances that have blended over the past years, and how these are and can be used to make a fundamental impact on ourselves, our business and society.
We can think big — and we should! We can take the quality of life to an entirely new dimension if we connect people to their core mission.
Just imagine what impact this could have if employees and volunteers working for Not for Profit organizations are empowered to multiply the number of people they help get out of poverty, disaster or refugee situation. Or when professors in education institutes succeed in helping the majority of their students to stand firm in society, able to deliver impact and create a sustainable living on their own from the moment they graduate. Just imagine…

Digital Transformation drives the agenda of (m)any organization(s). It's a critical undertaking to stay relevant in a world that's where nothing appears to remain the same as digital innovation is reshaping the markets we operate in, the competition we face, and the business models we've become so familiar with. But how do you go about - what are the do’s and don’ts?
In this keynote, I take your audience on a journey and inspire them with examples of successful transformations where the mantra was: Start planning from your vision, instead of from your present.

Most today's businesses are slowed down by their own artificial boundaries to deliver compelling customer value. Just imagine what could happen if your team or organization could think and act freely, and grow and scale without boundaries.
This keynote reviews the tactics used by successful agile startups, and will provide your audience with tangible tips to ignite creativity, drive innovation and deliver compelling customer value.

The service industry is about to make a leap forward in making the world more enjoyable and rewarding.
It’s my strong belief we don’t use the power of technology enough to deliver exceptional impact.
There are too many examples where technology is ‘just’ used to automate people out of a process, and where cost savings are the prime goal.
This keynotes takes your audience on a journey that will inspire them on what can be in terms creating exceptional customer value (and from there growth) if their people are augmented with the right technology, and where the prime goals is doing more and better.