Making customers part of something they want to belong to

Making customers part of something they want to belong to

Value PropositionWe all know the feeling – when we’re amongst like-minded people, something magic happens. There’s energy; we are engaged, you can smell the opportunity ‘in the air.’ Deep in our soul, we know we are part of something special, where we’re able to find the answers to our unique challenges and on a path to do something larger than ourselves. It’s the power behind the world’s most prosperous communities – they create a strong sense of belonging. 

Belonging is hard to grasp – but you know when it’s ‘right.’ And it’s in times like this where we have an opportunity to leverage this more than ever. The effects of the Coronavirus confronts us with situations we’ve never dealt with – but we all know one thing: We have to survive this one way or the other. 

So I wonder…why don’t we leverage the power of communities more? What I see, though, is the opposite. In times of challenge, we ‘close’ instead of opening up. We – and with that, I mean ‘us’ as a business, our suppliers, our customers – we are all going into protection mode, isolate ourselves, almost cocoon. And with the rules around social distancing, we don’t even have our trusted peers – our employees – at arms-length to make the best of that isolation.

Just think about the value you can offer your customers around your specific domain. You’re the expert, you know all the best practices and the unique tweaks from all the customers you work with, you got the consolidated view on what’s happening. But more importantly: You’re the connection to all the like-minded peers that might have the answers for each other. Just think about it: the finance directors, the controllers, the project managers, the COOs, CIOs, purchase specialists, marketing execs – you name it.

Today they feel isolated, filled with anxiety about what’s to come. Imagine you could bring the right people ‘together’. Imagine what value this could give to your customers. Imagine what impact this could have on the company they represent – to the industry they operate in – and possibly even society at large.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to solve this crisis together. The technology is there; it just requires you to make the first step. 

And to make the first step: If you are a tech-entrepreneur, on a mission to do something big and meaningful: you’re invited. Join the Remarkable Effect Tribe. Find your peers, accelerate your journey, and be part of something larger than yourself:

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