#196 - Matt Compton, CEO of Filo on finding a repeatable business model

How diverse and distributed teams can accomplish truly amazing things...

matt comptonThis podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to bridge the best of both worlds to create remarkable results in an increasingly remote workplace. My guest is Matt Compton, Co-founder, and CEO of Filo.

Matt is a two-time founder and former IBM, ExactTarget, and Salesforce. He spent his entire career solving complex problems within product development, sales, marketing, and business strategy. Through a unique skill set combining engineering and business, he specializes in building and leading cross-functional teams to solve organizations’ largest problems.

Today he’s the CEO of Filo, a company that’s on a mission to build a future where online meeting fatigue is replaced with meaningful engagement and increased productivity.

And this inspired me, and hence I invited Matt to my podcast. We explore how his company emerged from an attempt to prevent a hackathon event from being canceled. It’s a story about what’s humanly possible to achieve in a matter of weeks when the problem is highly valuable to solve and timing is critical. Matt shares the challenges he had to overcome in finding a repeatable business model and making the business sustainable. Last but not least he shares his experiences on what it takes to shape a remarkable software business. 

Here are some of his quotes:

We’re helping people come together in order to get real work done, but without having to be in the same place to do it.

While it’s always great to be in person, and I’m excited to get back in person when we can start doing more of that. Having to do it isn’t good for anybody. It’s not good for us as people, it’s not good for our families. It’s not good for the environment. It is not good for business, because it just slows everything down. It’s incredibly expensive. 

We like to move fast. So this is a problem we have been talking about for many years. And we had an opportunity at the beginning of the pandemic in order to put our money where our mouth was. And going back to curiosity, being ambitious, and working with great people – It was an opportunity. We had four weeks and we said “hey, what if?”

During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. The importance of laser-sharp segmentation – in particular, understanding who you’re not for
  2. How to continue momentum when the virality effect of ‘the start’ fades out
  3. How to tune messaging when you’re bringing something to market and people are not in the mindset and may not even think there’s a solution out there they need
  4. What to change to be able to better deal with failure – and become stronger from it. 

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