#36 - Product Strategy: How AI can help our productivity quadruple by transforming counterproductive habits

An interview with Nadja Muller, Founder and CEO of iThrive

Product StrategyThis podcast is about product strategy and my guest on the podcast is Nadja Muller, Founder and CEO of iThrive, a personal coach on your smartphone that helps you to transform counterproductive habits on order to thrive.

It’s a common fact healthy and happy employees are generally more productive, but many people still experience stress and burnout issues. This is what iThrive is designed to transform, and doing so it promises to increase productivity at work with 400%

This triggered me, hence I invited Nadia to my podcast. We explore what it means to make people thrive and how technology can play a fundamental role in that transformation. We thereby discuss what is required to win the hearts of the user by creating a solution they trust and actually want to use on a day to day basis.

Here are some of her quotes:

Thriving means that people are strong, they’re successful, they’re healthy, they’re imbalanced

The idea is to help people to move towards secure attachment, towards that’s thriving, towards the balance.

When you look at longitudinal studies that have been studying people for a long time seeing how they’re changing their behavior, it is this that actually only 10 percent of the time we succeed on our own.

People that were able to succeed they had either coach or a supportive partner or they had a mentor or something else that was really strong supporting figure in their life.

That’s basically what we are aiming to do with Jean and doing it on a really low entry barrier ways. Everywhere available, 24/7, it doesn’t cost much

when an employee is happy, less sick the productivity goes up. It has a positive effect on the entire team which again inspires higher productivity is on you. It’s just amazing what happens in an organization when you have thriving people.

By listening to this interview, you will learn three things

  • That a strong way to grow adoption of your solutions is to understand what makes the user tick – what motivates them.
  • How real value can be created by not just focusing on getting things fixed, but to actually focus on changing the underlying behaviors that cause the issue in the first place
  • That your business gets really convincing for a customer when you’re able to convince them about the upside your solution will bring them beyond the notion of just cost reduction


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