Not everything that’s countable counts and not everything that counts is countable

Value PropositionOne company that I’ve come to respect for the latter is Qualtrics

Qualtrics masters the art of hitting the right nerve of their ideal customers. And that’s where they score. 

They don’t throw features at you and use vague promises like their competitors.

Instead, they are very articulate in their wording – wording that makes you feel something.

The System of Action that turns your 

…products into obsessions

…employees into ambassadors

…customers into fans

…Brands into icons

Yes, they take a strong position here. They deliberately use strong words – because that’s what their ideal customers care about. That’s what they want. These are the outcomes they desire – and that drives action. 

In contrast, their competitors tone things down. 

They talk about creating “loyal customers” and that you can “grow in a changing world.” Promises we have been making for decades. Things that don’t resonate anymore.

They talk about their features, not the experience you get from these features. 

Qualtrics plays with our senses in many ways. Just look at their product pages

Take actions that make an impact

Hear every single customer’s voice

Know exactly how to retain customers

Fix every broken experience

It inspires action. It makes you feel something – and long for the moment, you get to use it. 

I hear you saying: “it’s just words.” And yes, words are cheap – but they make all the difference. 

As said – not everything that is countable counts, and not everything that counts is countable. What Qualtrics communicates is a perfect example of the latter.

What examples inspire you?

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