On a scale of 1 to 10….

On a scale of 1 to 10….

I have a question for you worth reflecting upon:
How does your SaaS business score on its ability to surprise and hit the right nerve with key decision-makers?

It takes guts to answer it – and consequently, we’re ignoring it. So instead, we tell ourselves the story ‘we’re doing OK’ – that ‘our segmentation is sharp and our messaging clear’ (enough).

Still, I instantly reveal stories about slow sales cycles, poor win rates, and decreasing deal value when I dig into this question with the B2B software professionals I work with.

So who’s fooling who?

Now let’s turn it around. SaaS companies that master this trait of surprise and hitting the right nerve do so much better:

  • …they claim pole position in their first meeting
  • …they accelerate the sales cycle
  • …they become sticky in the mind of their ideal customers
  • …they ignite action – and propensity to buy
  • …they win from the established leaders in their market

Answer the question with honesty is the first step to making things better. Then you know.

That’s where you can start closing the gap.
That’s your advantage to take. Your opportunity to lead.

Your customers will love you for it – promise.