#311 - Oscar Rundqvist, CEO of eComID - on cross-industry collaboration.

A story about solving a growing global product returns problem by making retailers help each other.

This podcast interview focuses on the entrepreneurial journey to create meaningful global change by making problem creators responsible for solving it together through technology. My guest is Oscar Rundqvist, CEO of eComID. 

Oscar is a tech entrepreneur on a mission. A massive mission. He’s founded and led multiple companies since 2010 – and has also gained experience as an investment analyst and head of growth and digital experience in online retail. 

In September 2023 he co-founded eComID – based on negative trend he saw developing after COVID in online retail: A rapidly growing global returns problem.

Their mission: To help the fashion industry reduce online product returns, shrink the environmental footprint, and guide shoppers to discover and buy products they’ll truly love.

Oscar RundqvistThis inspired me, and hence, I invited Oscar to my podcast. We explore how online shopping is broken and created a massive global retail returns problem – both in cost, waste and emissions. Oscar explains his vision of how to solve this with technology and by getting an entire industry to work together in new ways. He then shares his first principles for building a lean SaaS business that moves the needle impact-wise. Lastly, he elaborates on his lessons learned to stay nimble and avoid making fatal mistakes.


Here’s one of his quotes

Coming from the industry, we managed to take the right decisions often. But we did it by taking a lot of bad decisions, but we found them really fast. So, what we do is that we explore a lot of different things. When we have something, for example, a feature idea, let’s imagine that we explore 50 different ideas at the same time, but then we always keep the retailers very close. So we have weekly meetings with all of the retailers that we work with right now to always validate and align the need. 


During this interview, you will learn four things:

  1. How to get an entire industry to collaborate on solving the same problem. 
  2. Why he doesn’t fear competition, and is actually cheering them to take on the opportunity.
  3. His first principle on keeping the focus on moving the needle in the leanest possible way.
  4. Different ways to build trust with organizations that are 1000+ times the size of your startup.


For more information about the guest from this week:


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