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#136 – A story about how we can leverage our ability to meet customers’ needs, by understanding their true intents An interview with Frank Schneider, CEO at Speakeasy AI

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to give everyone of us a better understand of what our customers really want. My guest is Frank Schneider, CEO at Speakeasy AI.
Frank consulted and led teams providing various SaaS and AI solutions for contact centers and B2B. ...

Do You Struggle To Stand Out With Your Software Company?

It was at the end of 2005 when I started to appreciate the power of segmentation and positioning. During one my analyst calls one of the industry analysts in my network advised me to get some help around positioning and segmentation of our solution. His honest opinion: ‘your solution has something truly unique, ...

🔆 Outperforming much bigger SaaS competitors

Josh Haynam, CEO of Interact, shared a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 
When I asked him, “What’s been a decision that has been fundamental to the success that you have today?” – this is what he answered:
It comes back to one concept: Stick to one thing and keep it really simple. ...

🔆 How to engineer Word of Mouth through Product Strategy?

If you’d assess all the SaaS products you use on a given day, which is your favorite? 
Why’s that the case? What makes it your favorite? 
Often (at least, that’s the case for me), it’s because it’s there for you at the moment it matters. Some, not all, features stand out and have become highly valuable to you. ...

🔆 Think twice about adding Generative AI

Just because you launch a generative AI component to your SaaS suite doesn’t mean you’ll grow traction…, let alone valuation.
No matter what you check, your Linkedin feed, your email inbox,…
….it feels like every B2B SaaS company is launching Generative AI
Most stick to just bolting on ChatGPT

🔆  What’s unexpected about your SaaS business?

Most SaaS companies struggle to stand out and it’s pretty obvious why
This week I spent serious time analyzing 10 B2B SaaS companies as part of a positioning project.
The conclusion: They all sound the same
Change the logos – and you won’t recognize it
What’s worse… ...

🔆 What does your SaaS business stand for?

Resilience in Business Software starts with a simple question…
What do you stand for?
It helps you focus on the essence.
Answering it you intuitively know what is right.
It guides the day-to-day situations that require a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
Particularly the “No’s” are key
It forces you to think about your promise to your ideal customer
I.e., ...

#256 – Jay Bartot, CEO Zeitworks – on creating SaaS businesses that stand the test of time  A story about how to avoid starting a SaaS business that will fail.

We explore what’s broken in the way businesses are leveraging automation. Jay explains that before you can automate something, you have to understand it. And that’s exactly where most companies are going dark. He shares his big lessons learned to create defensible differentiation and what thread is constantly looking for to build a business that grows predictable traction from the start. ...