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🔆  Framing a unique Product-Market-Fit

Yesterday I ran a workshop with 8 SaaS CEOs about “Framing a unique Product Market Fit.”
Asking about how every participant felt about ‘Product Market Fit,’ the overall conclusion was: “It’s very challenging.”
One quote I got was this one: 
“We’ve done all the research about the big problem in the market and believe we have the solution, ...

#198 – Jacqueline Schafer, CEO of ClearBrief on finding product-market-fit. Transforming the fairness of our legal system by bringing together the best of people and technology

We explore what’s broken in the legal tech market. That the focus is too much on the process, and not on the outcome – a more just legal system. Jacqueline shares her vision for the Justice system and how she’s carefully architecting a product that’s both sticky for its users, has strong network effects, ...

The Power of Defining Product: Brand Fit vs. Product-Market Fit

There is a common problem among many business software companies today, both startups and established: when brand experience and product experience do not align.
This happens when marketers try to position a product as something it is not, resulting in the brand promise being compromised.
Crafting a brand is important because the way your potential clients see your brand influences their buying choices. ...

🔆 You don’t make the rules. The market does.

Yesterday’s post about my interview with Ryan Letzeiser started an interesting discussion on Linkedin.
In particular around point #3:
Set aside your ego. Yes, you’ve created a lot of the code and poured your heart and soul into it. But if it doesn’t resonate, flush it down the toilet. ...

#316 – Zach Barney, CEO Mobly – on taking on a forgotten market in sales automation. A story about building a rapidly growing SaaS business by prioritizing pragmatism over being on the edge.

We explore what’s broken in the lead generation process at in-person events. Zach explains his journey with Mobly to solve this problem and elaborates on how this fits in a much broader vision. He elaborates on the big lessons he learned around gaining traction and using pricing as a lever for growth. ...

🔆 “Is our product not good enough?

Last week, one of my customers mentioned something between the lines that highlighted an essential strength for success in any sales-led SaaS business: confidence.
Let me illustrate. This company has been in business for 17 years and has hundreds of mid-market and large-sized customers. Still, it was struggling, and growth stalled, ...

#312 – Harpreet Singh, Co-CEO Launchable – on avoiding Red-Ocean markets A story about ignoring Silicon Valley and investors to build a SaaS business that lasts.

We explore what’s broken around software testing these days. Harpreet provides his vision of how to address this. He elaborates on the journey of building an AI-powered software delivery platform and shares his most valuable go-to-market lessons – particularly why he didn’t opt for a product-led growth motion and how he avoided getting stuck in red oceans. ...

🔆 Unexpected by-products of a strong value proposition

Yesterday, I got involved in a heated discussion about Value Propositions and spotted a big misconception.
Many people’s perception of value propositions is that they help in marketing and sales. 
It’s logical, and obviously, it’s factually 100% correct. 
But we’d do ourselves a disfavor if we left it here.  ...

#309 – Masha Petrova Ph.D., CEO Nullspace  – on go-to-market execution for highly technical products. The journey of an aerospace engineer to SaaS start-up founder.

We explore the lessons learned from spinning off a software product from a Defense Contractor business and to build a SaaS business. Masha emphasizes the importance of co-founder chemistry, and shares the unexpected lessons learned from her fund-raising process. She shares her insights on how to adapt sales and marketing strategies for the conservative engineering fields. ...