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#273 – Matt Danna, CEO Boulevard – on gaining pricing power A story about building a SaaS business that customers want to belong to

We explore how the company evolved from a scheduling solution into a complete experience platform, positioning for the salon and spa industry. Matt explains how they carved out their niche and how early architectural design now provides them with a multi-year competitive advantage. helping them stand out from competitors who added these features later. ...

How to create defensible differentiation in your SaaS business?

How to create defensible differentiation?  It’s one of the most valuable questions to answer for a SaaS founder.
Here’s why:
If your product is hard to copy:
You have a market access advantage over alternative solutions
You have a resource advantage over alternative solutions
You have a price advantage over alternative solutions

🔆 Getting pricing right

“The key questions about revenue management are always the same whether you’re Coca-Cola or running a lemonade stand. But they are extremely hard to answer.”
It’s the essence of my interview with Sebastian Baier, CEO of Buynomics.
We explore why it is so hard to get pricing right and how Buynomics has been able to crack the code. ...

🔆 How to increase your pricing AND make it instantly desirable?

To make SaaS premium pricing desirable, stop making it about you – make it about ‘them’ – your ideal customers.
In the past weeks, I’ve tried to answer the big question: How to approach SaaS pricing if you want customers to happily pay a premium?
This resulted in a long-form blog (link in 1st comment) in which I’ve highlighted six ingredients – each ingredient will help to do one thing: Make your pricing more desirable. ...

🔆 Where do you have pricing power?

TL;DR: Pricing power starts by understanding and articulating your ideal customer’s unique dynamics, fears, values, and aspirations.
The first big question to answer when creating the pricing strategy for your SaaS solution is this one: ‘Where do we have pricing power?’
Here’s the thing
Many SaaS solutions help save costs. ...

🔆 Pricing outcomes or product usage?

Aim to be the standard for a problem resolution rather than a solution category.
I’d love to share an anecdote from Ryan Falkenberg, CEO of CLEVVA.
We’ve spent so long in our company’s journey explaining to people why our solution is so amazing.
The category we’re in is Virtual Agents – ...

🔆 How desirable is your SaaS price?

Stop approaching your SaaS pricing from a Cost+ perspective;
Start approaching it from a Desire+ perspective
One of the biggest problems I see B2B SaaS companies struggle with is pricing – and, to make that more concrete: They’re leaving money on the table.
The value delivered is often entirely out of sync with the charged price. ...