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🔆 What scarcity options would your customers stand in line for?

TL;DR – Leveraging scarcity in SaaS can work like a magnet….if done genuinely
Scarcity is an ingredient we often overlook when it comes to pricing.
Referring to Jonathan Starks’ Max Price formula, he points to three essential ingredients: (Buying power * desire) / available options. 
When it comes to ‘available options,’ ...

🔆 Is your SaaS roadmap led by Fear-of-Missing-Out?

TL;DR: Instead of being obsessed by the Fear-of-Missing-Out, leverage the Joy-Of-Missing-Out to help your customers make a difference
Some B2B software companies grow more fans than others.
Why? They solve valuable problems like nothing else.
It’s so tempting to fall into the trap of shiny objects – just look at what’s currently happening around ChatGPT. ...

🔆 Pricing outcomes or product usage?

Aim to be the standard for a problem resolution rather than a solution category.
I’d love to share an anecdote from Ryan Falkenberg, CEO of CLEVVA.
We’ve spent so long in our company’s journey explaining to people why our solution is so amazing.
The category we’re in is Virtual Agents – ...

🔆  Leveraging evangelism to become the standard? 

Winners in technology evangelism focus on a mindset shift, not the product itself.
If no one realizes what you do is possible, how do you grow predictable traction?
The answer to that is evangelism.
From my experience in my role as Chief Evangelist at Unit4, evangelism is about two things:
👉 – ...

🔆 We all want more Word Of Mouth – so why not engineer for it? 

Yesterday’s CEO Mastermind kicked off with the question: “What levers will you pull in 2023 to grow beyond expectation?”
Many expect it will be a tough year – due to the challenging market dynamics and the fact that access to external funding isn’t a favorable option.
So, where do you focus to stand out and surprise everyone? ...

🔆 Change your mindset about funding

I asked a 4-times tech-founder for his view on funding. And his answer is worth sharing.
“Funding is really not a good model for an innovator. You may have an idea, and you know that to complete that idea, you’re going to need $10 million. But if you decide to raise that $10 million because you’re in the valley, ...

#189 – Value creation isn’t often so much about the accuracy of your technology, but how useful it is in the eyes of the user An interview with Ivy Mahsciao, Founder and CEO of evrmore

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to help young people speak their truths and tap into their superpowers. My guest is Ivy Mahsciao, Founder and CEO of evrmore.

Ivy is a champion for human potential who has a 20+ year background in consumer psychology and product science, ...