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How do you know you have a positioning problem for your SaaS product? You may be losing money as a consequence of your positioning. Here’s why.

If everything in your SaaS business goes smoothly, there’s no need to mess around with your Positioning. However, if not, Positioning is a very powerful measure for fixing problems at their core. 
Poor Positioning is not a marketing problem; it is a business strategy problem. It’s often way easier to treat symptoms instead of root problems.   ...

🔆 Draining profitability

Moving deeper into the core of a B2B SaaS company, profitability drain is a serious area to keep an eye on when uncovering hidden positioning problems.
Here’s the thing
When positioning is off – it has direct & indirect effects on your profit.
  1. You often compete on price,

#301 – Jason Cohen, Founder WPEngine – on building profitable businesses. A story about the critical lessons learned from +20 years of tech-entrepreneurship.

We explore his lessons in building successful companies. He elaborates on the importance of getting the problem definition right and understanding what moves potential customers to buy. He shares his views on how to select your market and betting a super-specific niche. He talks in detail about his rules for attracting funding (or not) – ...

🔆 Having the guts to say ‘No’ to a very big market.

Graham Hogg, CEO of see6, shared a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 
When I asked him, ‘What’s the most valuable decision you’ve taken early on that’s defining your success today?’ – here’s what he answered:
Not to work with marketing teams. 
It could have been very easy for us to go and work with above-the-line teams, ...

🔆 3 ideas to make your SaaS product stand out.

A question I get almost every week is this one: What can we do differently to stand out?
Golden rule: If you want your SaaS business to stand out in the crowd, be different.
Trying to be the first or the best is tough, but you can be different in many ways.  ...

🔆 Scaling profitably

Stijn Hendrikse, Author of T2D3, shared a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 
When I asked him: “What makes a successful B2B sales company from a marketing perspective when it comes to scaling rapidly?” Here’s what he answered:
One of the things that is not always appreciated is how valuable and how much an indicator of long-term success it is to reach real product-market fit.  ...

🔆 “There’s no budget for AI in our market…”

AI has become a board-level agenda topic in 2023.
No matter what tech adoption survey you see, AI investments are clearly in the top priority range.
Take this with a grain of salt.
As I talked with a B2B SaaS CEO last week about his business, he mentioned this:
 “Deals keep getting postponed for our AI product – ...

🔆 Where’s your SaaS product on the growth S-curve

As you have noticed, I’m on a hunt this month for the way we can avoid stagnation in our SaaS business. And here’s another one again.
An essential cause for stagnation in SaaS is understanding the nature of the S-curve.
Every product we develop goes through the same curve
  • Create momentum (the route towards product market fit)
  • Accelerate (leverage your product market fit)
  • Slow down (losing product-market fit)
Stagnation happens when we keep our bets on that diamond that defines our business and ignore the fact that the time has come to find another diamond. ...

🔆 What is your product portfolio should go?

One thing I consistently see killing both momentum and resilience in B2B software companies is that we always want to ‘add,’ not ‘cut.’
We’re optimizing our products to the Nth degree – to the point where all the extra effort isn’t even noticed anymore.
Instead of focusing on true product-market fit, ...

🔆 How to fuel profitable growth?

Last week I spoke to two B2B SaaS founders who’re both seriously considering going 100% bootstrapped because ‘the VC path doesn’t feel good at the moment, and it’s to be seen whether getting funding will succeed at all, given the current climate.’
These two founders are not alone. It’s been a big topic for 2023 so far.  ...