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Designing your SaaS business to create predictable traction. A 3-layer approach to reliably grow market traction for your Sales-led SaaS product

Getting traction is challenging in various stages of your business. Keeping it and making it remarkable is even more challenging.
It’s not only essential that traction starts (which is hard enough). It’s even more important that it grows and never stops doing so. Unfortunately, the latter part is where most SaaS companies suffer.  ...

Struggling to get your SaaS gross-margins to top 70%?

“Optimizing your costs and expenses is key to building a winning cloud company. In cloud, gross margins measure how effective companies are in delivering their software to customers, and they average 65-70% across company lifetimes.”
Now I completely agree with this – however, I’d like to address an area where I see a lot of SaaS companies negatively impact their margin: The quality of their revenue. ...

🔆 Making your customers ‘High Five’ AND pay a premium?

TL;DR – Convenience is one of the most underutilized levers in premium SaaS pricing
An ingredient that’s very effective in making customers happily pay a premium but hardly utilized in B2B SaaS: Convenience.
When we think of convenience in SaaS, we often move toward self-service and the perception of ‘cheaper options.’ ...