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#211 – Ilia Zelenkin, CEO of Bitskout on creating transformational change A story about making happiness at work affordable again

We explore what’s broken in managing projects within small companies – and why we should not accept the waste that goes on with that. Ilia shares his vision about how to make the most advanced technology affordable and the journey he’s on to turn his intelligence platform into an expert platform that could not only forecast your work but check it later on as well. ...

#174 – A fresh technology approach to bringing measurement and accountability to workplace D&I commitments An interview with Helen McGuire, Co-founder and CEO Diversely

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to give under-represented groups a fair opportunity in the workplace while helping businesses attract 70% more diverse talent and twice the relevant talent, in half the time. My guest is Helen McGuire, Co-founder, and CEO of Diversely
Helen is a champion of under-represented groups. ...

4 Differences Between a Sales Pitch and a Business Proposal

Some people may think that a sales pitch and a business proposal are the same thing; however, they are different stages in proactive sales.
There are four fundamental differences, which I am outlining below. Knowing these differences can help you make a more significant impact.
The Art of Communication: Written vs. ...