Claiming pole position in your next sales meeting

Join the 5-day online challenge (starting July 5th) to craft a remarkable sales pitch - together with peers

Covid has pushed sales into a virtual process, and with that, it has become a lot harder to stand out

Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Customers’ attention span is shorter, it’s harder to ‘connect’, and reading body language and other critical signals is virtually impossible. So, without realizing it …. get stuck...

...we end up in a race to the bottom...

...or we don’t even make the shortlist...

Get out of your comfort zone: Deliver a pitch people will remember long after you’ve left the Zoom call...

Participate in this 5-day challenge together with maximum seven other B2B software professionals. It’s designed to help you create a ‘pitch’ that not only stands out but more importantly, keeps key decision-makers engaged throughout the meeting.

At the end of the sprint, you’ll have all the ingredients in your hands to…

Change perception

... and claim pole position at your next sales meeting.


.. your confidence levels will rise...

Close better deals

Deals cycle will shorten, and win-rates increase at higher deal values

3 simple steps to transform

The workstream starts Monday, July 5th, 2021, and runs through Friday, July 9th. To ensure the highest quality, it’s limited to 7 participants – all B2B software professionals. Every day there’s a prompt to iterate and drive progress and on Friday there’s the Grand Finale, a 90-minute live Experience: The Sales Pitch Battle –  where each participant will perform the outcome of their work in an attempt to claim victory.

Day by day you work on the prompts asynchronous – picking a moment that suits you. By posting your answers each day you’ll be able to get generous feedback from both me, your coach, as well as your peers. That will give you new ideas, removes your blindspots, and will help you to deliver your best work.

Claim your spot and gain that position of advantage. Here’s how:

Select the right person

One of your Sales execs that's onto a big deal

Free him/her up to shine

1 hour a day for 5 days in a row makes all the difference

Allocate a budget

It's just $300.- per participant