#300 - The most valuable advice from 23 B2B SaaS CEOs

26 hand-picked Don'ts & Do's from the last 100 editions.

Welcome to episode 300 of the Tech-entrepreneur on a mission podcast.

Episode300Because this is a big milestone on the journey I didn’t want to devote this podcast to one guest – instead, I got 23 B2B SaaS CEOs on the mic.

A big element of every single episode of the podcast is my question at the end of each episode.

What would be a Do or a Don’t that you’d like to share with other SaaS entrepreneurs?

And so, I’ve made a hand-picked selection of these Do’s & Don’ts from the last 100 podcast episodes

Let’s start with the Don’ts

  1. Neta Meidav, CEO Vault Platform: Don’t take other entrepreneurs advice on face value.
  2. Melissa Kwan, CEO eWebinar: Don’t start a business that you hate even if it has success.
  3. Emil Jimenez, CEO Mindbank AI: Don’t think about the money
  4. Aleks Gollu, CEO 11Sight: Don’t bother people will steal your idea
  5. Toni Hohlbein, CEO Growblocks: Don’t forget where you are in the process
  6. Sunny Han, CEO Fulcrum: Don’t allow comfort to take over
  7. Jon Ricketts, CEO Writerly: Don’t limit yourself in your thinking
  8. Patrick Woods, CEO Orbit: Don’t ignore yourself
  9. Charlotte Melkert, CEO Equalture: Don’t think you need to in control of everything
  10. Antony Thomson, former CEO Loopin: Don’t bring new people on unless you’re 100% oversubscribed.
  11. Barrett King, Sr. Manager Global GTM Strategy, Partner Ecosystem Hubspot: Don’t use the sentence: I’m gonna build a partner program
  12. Christian Owens, CEO Paddle: Don’t malign yourself with having 2 different interpretations of what a good outcome looks like

And now over to the Do’s

  1. Melissa Kwan, CEO eWebinar: Do create your own definition of success
  2. Amir Konigsberg, CEO Pragma: Do something that can be genuinely valuable for someone else
  3. Lars van Wieren, CEO Starred: Do walk the walk and talk the talk
  4. Patrick Woods, CEO Orbit: Do aggressively comunicate – keep everyone on the same page
  5. Christine Tao, CEO Sounding Board: Do ask for what you need
  6. Ahmed Elsamadisi, CEO Narrator AI: Do bring your entire team for decision making
  7. James Malley, CEO Paccurate: Do learn to fight fair
  8. Mads Wedderkopp, CEO Dreaminfluence: Do write the rules before you start
  9. Neta Meidav, CEO Vault Platform: Be human – Be a mensch
  10. Josh Haynam, CEO Interact: Do highlight positives
  11. Guillaume Moubeche, CEO Lempire: Do document as early as possible
  12. Rami Darwish, CEO Arrow Labs: Do plant some small flags ahead of time
  13. Erdem Gelal, CEO Flowla: Do build a true fan base
  14. Ryan Falkenberg, CEO CLEVVA: Do own the outcome


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