#59 - Product Innovation: How AI can help Marketers generate more leads with higher quality and less effort

An interview with Yonatan Snir, Co-founder and CEO of CliClap

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to transform the impact Marketers can make by generating more leads, of higher quality, with less effort. My guest is Yonatan Snir, Co-founder and CEO of CliClap, an AI Powered autonomous lead generation and qualification solution

He is an expert in data driven marketing with over 16 years of experience, helping organizations utilize technologies to improve business performance. In 2016, he founded CliClap together with Arie Zaks, who now acts as their CTO.

Product InnovationPrior to CliClap he opened a marketing agency, focused on helping brands transform their marketing operations into a data driven organization. And before that, he served as the Director of Global Marketing Operations at NICE Systems.

It was this big idea behind CliClap’s product that triggered me to invite Yonatan to my podcast.

We explore why so after so many years of marketing automation the tools we use still suggest visitors to our website the wrong topics of conversation (which is awkward) or ask people for their commitment way before the time is right (which is annoying and pushy). We then address how technology such as AI is offering us a completely different approach to the challenge, one that delivers results almost too good to be true.

Here are some of his quotes:

“We have a lot of traffic on the website that’s not converting today, and many tools and many new tactics are being used to try and fix that. But eventually, we see that only friction converts.

The numbers the benchmarks that are stated today by Forrester, Marketing Sherpa and other research, is that we looked at talking about 2 to 4% converting to leads, and only half percent is converted to opportunities.

The reason for that, at least from what we found, is that on B2B you give the same experience to everyone.

The fact is, it’s not a one size fits all. A lot of people are being missed out, because they’re not used to getting this kind of experience in today’s world, where everything is becoming much more simple in our consumer head.

So, the idea is to try and understand for each visitor when, and what’s the next best thing. And when it’s ready, ready to stick and move to the next level of engagement.

Not too soon, not too late.”

By listening to this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. How, by staying curious and challenging the established and accepted ways of doing, it is possible to deliver remarkable impact
  2. How in a crowded, red-ocean market, it is very possible to get customers to shift from a competitive solution to yours by having clear differentiation.
  3. Why the traditional cloud solutions for marketing have been focused on the wrong metrics of delivering scale and quantity (i.e. output), where the real impact is created when you focus your product strategy on quality (i.e. outcomes).


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