#88 - Product Innovation: How SMBs can boost top-line growth by leveraging AI for personalization

An interview with Stefan Eyram, Chief Revenue Officer at Youneeq

Product InnovationThis podcast interview focuses on product innovation around personalization that drives desired engagement and desired conversion. My guest is Stefan Eyram, Chief Revenue Officer at Youneeq

Since 2000 Stefan has worked with top brands across a broad cross-section of industries to successfully deliver Cloud and SaaS solutions that achieve KPIs and deliver ROI.

From marketing technology, to big data, analytics, AI and personalization, Stefan has helped customers achieve measurable results from their marketing, digital, data and cloud investments.

Stefan was the first international employee at ExactTarget (prior to IPO and subsequent acquisition by Salesforce.com) and launched their Canadian  presence.

He is a regular industry speaker often called upon to speak about online marketing, relationship and lifecycle marketing, email marketing and other topics.

I got triggered by Youneeq’s down to earth approach to driving revenue through engagement, hence I invited Steven to my podcast. We explore what’s broken in the market with regards to helping SMBs taking advantage of the power of AI to grow fast and now.

Here are some of his quotes:

We could all agree that we’re in the customer experience and the customer engagement economy. Regardless of the age group and demographic you’re reaching out to, at least North America and Europe, the majority of companies are doing well are the ones that are delivering the better customer experience. And that covers all channels and such but online is growing. If it isn’t the most important channel for a company it is going to become the most important channel.

What’s the opportunity? What’s the value? By delivering a more relevant experience, we are driving a lot more desired engagement, because we can use real time analytics to actually optimize the experience. And so, what happens is we can drive the desired engagement automatically. That will drive the desired conversions or micro conversions. And then ultimately, that drives the KPIs that are important.

During this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. Why tech-vendors should challenge their solution whether it impacts the 1 or 2 most important KPIs of their ideal customers, and then go over and beyond to exceed expectations in terms of how they deliver that impact
  2. That creating highly sophisticated solutions doesn’t mean it has to be complex and time-consuming to implement it and start driving value.
  3. That positioning is not a thing for just marketing – it’s possibly the most strategic instrument you have to align every aspect of your business around the growth you aspire and end up having customers saying: I’m glad you sold me this.


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