#45 - Product innovation: How the combo of AI and Human experts is the solution to fight financial crime

An interview with Vishal Maria, CEO of Quantexa

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation to solve the challenge of financial crime, and my guest is Vishal Marria, CEO of Quantexa

Product Innovation

Vishal is a globally recognised leader in solving financial crime and surveillance challenges. He is accomplished at building teams and helping clients to use innovative data analytics for their financial crime challenges. He served as Executive Director at EY, he led major programs at international banks including global Anti Financial Crime technology strategy, data-driven remediation and end to end reviews of strategy and policy. He was instrumental in directing and building the Detica NetReveal business globally.

In 2016, he founded Quantexa to solve some of the biggest challenges in financial crime, customer insight and data analytics. His goal is to enable organizations to rethink the way they understand their customers using a wider context.

This inspired me, hence I invited Vishal to my podcast. We explore the growing challenge of financial crime, and how addressing and solving exactly that challenge can result in insights that can actually result in top-line gains.


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Here are some of his quotes:

“One of the most growing challenges I continually heard from clients was, you know, we’ve, we’ve got all of this data rubbish,

Inherently there are challenges within that data around truly understanding a customer and the underlying trends, transactions, relationships.

I want the world to think of context, just like human behavior, any decision we make in our brain we are building with context

So, the big idea is about building context and being able to do it real time dynamically.

We have to combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

Because if you look at your credit risk officer, that credit risk officer has so much information and trends in his or her head that the machine will never know.

So, we need to get to is allowing the data to drive any abnormal predictive nature. But combining that with the years of experience that the human has.”

By listening to this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. Why contextual insight is the essential ingredient to make powerful decisions – not only by top leaders, but by anyone in the business
  2. How the biggest impact is created by combining the experience of domain experts with power of AI
  3. Why taking an open eco-system approach with any solution will bring value greater than the sum of its components.


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