Product Innovation: How to create the most valuable, addictive technology for every person

An interview with Rob Bromage, CEO of IntelliHR

Product Innovation: How to create the most valuable, addictive technology for every person An interview with Rob Bromage, CEO of IntelliHR

The focus of this podcast is product innovation and my guest is Rob Bromage, CEO of IntelliHR IntelliHR is an Australian HR tProduct Innovationechnology business developing and marketing a next-generation people management Platform which is stock listed on the ASX index.

Before he became the CEO of IntelliHR he ran APRG – a Human Capital Management Consulting organization. He also founded Resource Partners – an investment organization for the incubation and development of Intellectual Property in the Human Resources Sector.

As you can guess his passion is people, performance and enabling technologies. 

Rob believes people are an organizations greatest asset and there is a great opportunity for every business to leverage this valuable and powerful driver for economic success. 

This triggered me, hence I invited Rob to my podcast. We explore the secrets of driving performance through people in order to become a high-performance organization. We dive into the role of disruptive technologies such as predictive analytics and natural language processing, and how these tools can raise performance and engagement.

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Here are some of Rob’s quotes:

I think fundamentally, a lot of leaders don’t necessarily have the information or the tools that they need to look after their staff. I think a lot of businesses exactly that, they think that the way we get performance is from the top down, but it’s really about empowering people bottom up.

if you focus on connecting staff with their leaders and improving their conversations, really creating meaningful conversations and supporting them to be aligned around expectations, then you’re just going to naturally create a circle of understanding

HR, in my opinion, is the best place, function, role in any organization to impact performance

They really should be involved in connecting the customer strategy with the people’s strategy or the people strategy with the customer strategy.

If they’re spending their time on administrative or compliance tasks, they are wasted asset in my opinion.

By listening to this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. How old traditional processes (such as for example applicant tracking) can be disrupted by re-imagining it with the concepts and technologies from other processes around us.
  2. Why HR and People management is not about software, but about creating meaningful outcomes that change behavior and impact on culture
  3. That in order to drive a significant increase in performance and people engagement, a core design goal should be to make solutions addictive.

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