#81 - Product Innovation: How you can create your unfair competitive advantage by applying AI to lead targeting

An interview with Olin Hyde, CEO of Leadcrunch

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to accelerate sales cycle and reduce the costs of customer acquisition. My guest is Olin Hyde, CEO of Leadcrunch.

Product InnovationHe wrote his first line of code at age 12 on a home-built computer. Since then, he has started eight companies. Today he’s the CEO at LeadCrunch, a B2B lookalike marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to find your ideal customer targets audience and then engage them with your content to accelerate the sales process. Olin is one of the principal architects of the company’s DeepFind™ machine learning platform, the secret behind its success.

Olin is also an investor and advisor at Bruvida, advisor and shareholder at UpCycle and Company, and Investor at Ginger Shots.

Prior to this, he was a business advisor at Connect and was VP, Business Development at Ai One, Inc.

He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies in Mathematics, Economics, and Marketing from Miami University (Ohio) and a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture-based Enterprise Systems Engineering from UC San Diego.

The promise of Leadcrunch is compelling: Get artificial intelligence. Just pay for leads. Get higher Conversions, more pipeline and happier sales people.

This triggered me, hence I invited Olin to my podcast. We explore how the process of targeting leads is broken in most businesses and why this can’t be solved by people alone. Beyond that we discuss the power of building defensible differentiation – and how this results into a sustainable win-win for both your customers and you as a technology provider

Here are some of his quotes:

‘I’d like to leave this earth better than I found it. So, I really like to find big problems that really help people live better lives. A very idealistic way to look at it is technology that enables the human spirit.

The problem we solve is that targeting, in other words, how to pick your next target for your marketing or your sales is actually very broken. The symptom of that is that sales, people usually hate the leads that are given to them by marketing.

I know personally how incredibly difficult it is to find the right audience to market to. And then how do we engage that audience on the path for them to become a customer.

So that’s the problem we’re solving.

Our customers consider our technology to be their unfair advantage.

Our revenues have grown 20% per month, for two and a half years.

That’s an indication that technology works.’

During this interview, you will learn three things:

  1. That by focusing your business on a valuable outcome will help to unlock markets you possibly didn’t even consider
  2. Why focusing your efforts on business model innovation will give you the fastest route to defensible differentiation.
  3. How giving your customers something they can’t live without is your secret to unlock double digit monthly growth.


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